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TERN offers you:

Training & Mentoring

☑️ Apply to join a programme to develop your business or nonprofit:
- the TERN pre-incubator, to develop & test your idea
- the TERN startup incubator, to build & launch your business

The programmes give you:

☑️ Regular interactive business workshops
☑️ Business mentoring & personal coaching
☑️ amazing events to make your business public
☑️ being among like-minded entrepreneurs

'On Demand' Advice

Our On Demand advice is available in two formats:
1. "Momentum" advice session packages
2. 'SPARK' - at the point of need online chat and online advice calls.
Our team and our experts can help you:

☑️ Make your business registered, legal and compliant
☑️ Create your website
☑️ Create your brand
☑️ Create a marketing campaign
☑️ Find the right way to finance your business
☑️ Find business partners and much more.

Community & Networking

Join over 300 people in the TERN online community to:

☑️ Attend social & professional events
☑️ Meet people in your industry
☑️ Get advice from experienced alumni
☑️ Meet other entrepreneurs at the same stage as you
☑️ Collaborate with other entreprenuers
☑️ Stay informed with regular TERN news

Business Opportunities

As part of the TERN community, when your business is ready, TERN can promote your business through online and in person channels:

☑️ Join Europe's first marketplace 'Anqa', made and powered by TERN
☑️ Sell at our in person popup shops in London
☑️ Network with TERN's partner companies
☑️ Join TERN networking & pitching events
to show your business idea to potential followers and clients

Fill our online form, which will ask you about your business idea and professional background. At the end of the form is a  link to book a video call with our team.

On the day of your assessment, click on the link you received via email to join the call with our team.

During this 30 minute call, a member of our Community Team will ask you a few questions about your business idea, your background and your goals.

This will help them recommend to you what TERN support is  right for you.

After the assessment call, you will receive an email with:

☑️ an invitation to join our online community, where you can meet other entrepreneurs, our team and our experts.

☑️ information on the TERN support or programme that we recommend for you!

At this point, you are fully starting your journey with TERN.

You will have received information what programme or what On Demand support (Momentum or SPARK) TERN can offer you. 

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