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LIVE hours Tuesday & Thursday: 5pm - 6pm

6 - “ساعات الخدمة المباشرة هي الثلاثاء والخميس: 5 مساءً مساءً“.

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What is the Spark Chat?

Quick & efficient business advice

Get an immediate response during LIVE hours

Receive a response within 48 hours outside of LIVE hours

For refugee entrepreneurs

The Spark Chat is for refugee entrepreneurs based in the UK

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Personalised online interaction

Talk to a member of the TERN team

You will have a discussion with a member of the TERN team:
Flany, Abdullah or Tim!

Trustworthy responses

Factual information

Our team is trained to provide business advice and use verified sources

Offline Spark Chat

Outside of LIVE chat hours, you can send us your question on the chat and you will receive a response via email within 48 hours, depending on the complexity of the questions.

☑️ Quick and efficient response within 48 hours
☑️ Factual information from verified sources
☑️ Query and response in Arabic or English

Available at any time, every day!

LIVE Spark Chat

Our Live Chat will return in October 2023 after a 2 month break - in this period we will make a few improvements. During our LIVE hours, send us your business questions directly on the Spark Chat, and a member of the TERN team will get in touch with you within a few seconds!

☑️ Immediate response to your business question
☑️ Personalised interaction with a member of TERN

Use the Spark Chat for business-related questions on topics such as...

Setting Up Your Business

• Idea Testing
• Business modelling
• Market research
• Business Plan

Business Operations

• Business growth
• Business strategy
• Business planning

Business Finance

• Funding options
• Budgeting
• Financial planning

Regulation & Compliance

• Legal Advice
• Registration
• Business structure
• Sector regulation

Branding & Marketing

• Sales & promotion
• Social Media
• Marketing strategy

That’s great! If you have multiple questions all at once, you can ask them all in a single chat. However, you may get answers to each at different times depending on their complexity levels.

Nope! Please ask as many times as you like.

Spark Chat is run by TERN and leverages the expertise of our team and trained supporter network to answer your questions.

Yes, you can share this link with your friends, as long as they are refugee entrepreneurs, or part of the TERN community.

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